Configure organization notifications language

This feature is only available to organization owners and administrators.

Zulip has been translated or partially translated into dozens of languages. You can see which languages Zulip supports, and help add support for new languages on Transifex.

Each user can use Zulip with their preferred language. In addition, if your organization has a primary language other than American English, you can set the notifications language for the organization. This setting:

  • Determines the language used for automated messages sent to streams by Notification Bot. (Notifications sent to a single user will use that user's language).
  • Determines the language used for outgoing invitation emails.
  • Is used as the default language for new user accounts when Zulip cannot detect their language preferences from their browser, including all users created via the Zulip API.

Configure the organization notifications language

  1. Go to Organization settings.

  2. Under Notifications, change the Notifications language.

  3. Click Save changes.